Treasure Hunters casting change

There has been a casting change which is prompting a new revision of everything involving that character. However I think its a good thing to do, the old one was doing weird things in the renders so I had to do it. The character was Heather.

Here is the new version of Heather, in the middle, wearing blue.

saucer 0003.2

Treasure Hunters update

I am getting much work done that is final copy quality on Treasure Hunters. In other words I am finally working on last revision and hope to have it completed ‘soon’.

Here are a few teasers for you, I hope it gives you a taste of what’s to come.

This is the main cast, in red is Lizzy the air headed one but good with a pistol, Gwen is the redhead in green and she is the bitch of the group but not too much so as she is also very heroic when needed. Next in pink is Julie the idealist of the group and it’s conscience, she’s also the best pilot. Then in blue is Heather the nurse known as the nice one, and in purple is Sydney the nerdy one who is the main engineer and science officer. The android is ALEX, the ships AI unit who is part copilot, nurse, security etc. In orange is captain Regina with her back to us.

saucer 0002

Here she is. This is not a final copy, it’s close, but being redone still.

saucer 0003

Here is another of Regina in her command chair.


saucer 1002


Here is a revised shot of some of the crew firing their weapons.

DT 0005


A revised shot of the saucer they inhabit.

saucer 1003