What’s coming?

Well as I previously posted I have been working on Babazon Hive Chapter 3 (BHC3). This is difficult project so it will take time to complete, the sets and scenes alone are proving to be very time consuming, but I feel it will be worth it.


Here are a couple of renders I have been working on that are close to final copy.

First is Countess Zamira on board the Orc flagship just after taking a bath.


Here is a scene with Varn, Tiris and Cirina (the two Babazon’s Varn saved at the end of chapter 2).


More updates soon.


I am also continuing other projects, the three stories in Summer Stories will all get sequels.

First is The Corridor 2, our sun burnt protagonist tries to get out of the Hotel Basement.

Next I will begin work on the sequel to The Skinnydip, and I have big plans for this, more to come later.

Finally Roof Gremlins will get a continuance but this is a ways off as I need to conceptualize what I want to do with it.

There is also a Halloween story I have worked on but of course it will be late for the Holiday. I might have to hold off on it’s release until next year, but I’m undecided on that. I am happy with my results so far on it though.


I am also considering opening up the comments here again, there will be an announcement when I do.



Summer Stories is released

Hello everyone,


Summer Stories is out, you can get it on my renderotica store page found here:


Please go and pick up a copy, it’s on sale for 25% off during November. You can also get Treasure Hunters Deluxe Edition for 20% off, for those who were waiting for it to go back on sale.