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Unexpected Company The Dirty Drifter

Hello again,

As I work on larger projects, I have broken up the monotony by working on some smaller side projects, while keeping with my commitment to do sequels. Work is still progressing on Babazon Hive Chapter 3, it’s just a very large project so it will take time. 

In the mean time enjoy my newest comic Unexpected Company The Dirty Drifter. This is a parallel story to the first Unexpected Company, not a sequel, the third volume will be the sequel to both and will tie it all together.


You can get it here:


Here are the promo’s:

Babazon Hive Chapter One Re-Fur-Bushed Version

Hello everyone, 

I just released the re-worked/revised version of Babazon Hive Chapter One. 

No new renders were done for this version, so many mistakes remain (it was my first comic and I didn’t really know what I was doing) but I did fix many things. All pictures have been filtered in photoshop, something I was incapable of doing in the original, and I used the new comic creation software I switched to a couple of years ago.

On top of this the writing is better (in my opinion) I was too wordy in the original, and I am a better editor as well.

The result is a much improved version, though still not perfect. I am now working on doing the same to Chapter Two while I continue to work on Chapter Three.

Finally the comic is now in one easy to use PDF.

You can get your free copy here:


Here are the promo pictures:










Unexpected Company

Hello again,

I am getting close to finishing this project. It’s a simple story about a woman getting ready for a blind date, in fact she’s in the shower when she gets a visitor.

She goes to answer the door, but has issues keeping her towel from falling. The visitor is the son of her boss who she agreed to let stay with her to avoid problems with the boss but the son arrives two days early.

Happy New Year!

I know its a bit late for that but I did it anyway.

I am working hard to make 2018 a good year for sequels.

First there is a script I purchased on sale over the holidays that optimizes scenes for use with my rendering engine (IRAY). This is allowing me to render scenes that would have been impossible before, or at least too cumbersome to produce. But scene optimizer lowers the memory size of a scene so it can fit onto the memory of the video card. Rendering on a video card or GPU is much faster than with a CPU and system RAM.

The point in describing all of this is to announce that I am now able to work on Babazon Hive Chapter 3. So expect more announcements on that in the coming months, the good news is I had a huge amount of work done when I decided to shelve it. So all I have to do is figure out where I left off, optimize everything and get to it.

I will also do a re-write/revision of Babazon Hive Chapter 1 and 2 in my new comic book editor. This is a much needed revision that will increase resolution, increase the size of each page, plus I can fix many of the existing mistakes in the writing. Simply stated I have written many comics since chapter 1 and I am a more efficient writer because of this. So I can make many improvements to the story. These revisions will be included with chapter 3 for free. I might release them as freebies on renderotica as well. More on that later.

I am also working on Ravenmuff Part 2, in fact quite a bit is done but some parts are not to my liking and slowing me down. This should be out in the next couple of months, hopefully the end of February.

I also have one new comic coming that will be done hopefully by the end of this month, it’s called Unexpected Company. There will be more on that later.

Once I’m done with Ravenmuff 2 and Unexpected Company I will begin full production on Babazon Hive Chapter 3. I am also working on a rough draft script for Treasure Hunters part 2, that may also come out this year, it depends on other things but it is in the pipeline either way.

If none or only some of these things work out as planned I am also considering sequels to some of the short stories out there like The Skinnydipper 2, Caveman Communications 2, Hitchin a Ride 2, Glug the Orc 2, The Corridor series, Roof Gremlins 2 and maybe The Steamroom.

I also will release the Grinch parody this year, I got really far on it, I just didn’t make it for the holiday so I am slowing down to make it better then I am going to optimize and finish it.

So keep an eye open here, there is lots of things in the works. I just hope I can make time for all of it.

The Adventures of Princess Ravenmuff Part One: The Awakening

My latest comic is done.

You can find it here:

Here are the promos:

I am going to have to eat my words regarding the Grinch parody I talked about below. After posting that it began to bother me and as I was done with the primary renders for Ravenmuff above I came up with a Grinch type character I can work with. Now to see if I can complete it in time. Stay tuned.


The Adventures of Princess Ravenmuff and The Humping Dead

I am working on new stories and new ideas, so I am introducing yet again a new story arc that might go unfinished for a while. I am sorry for this folks, but I am cursed to be an individual that constantly has a flow of ideas. So what I try to do is to capture them when one really feels compelling and do some rough renders of the idea to see if it matches what is in my head. Many times this results in abject failure and I scrap it and no one ever sees it. But sometimes its close from the start and I then will put a little more work into it and save it as much as possible as a full template complete with the characters (much of the time they get changed later) and cameras etc.


Here are two recent ideas from the above process that I have decided to move forward with. My creative process is more organic this way by the way, I have tried to force ideas I have and had dismal results. One such is my idea for the holidays, which is a parody of the Grinch. But I have never been able to get it to look the way I want it to, so its on the back burner again.


Anyway here are some renders of both The Adventures of Princess Ravenmuff Part One and The Humping Dead: Zombie Rain

The Humping Dead Early renders are Below.

Tricked or Treated

Hello everyone,

Tricked or Treated is done so look for it soon on renderotica. I am already working on the next project. 


Here is the title page for Tricked or Treated