Regarding Varn the Orc…

Over the course of writing Chapter 1 of Babazon Hive something unexpected happened. An organic expansion of the story occurred as I wrote it. Varn the Orc seemed to come to life all on his own, so I expanded his role from what started as a small antagonist to a major protagonist.

But as I increased his presence in Chapter 2, I quickly realized that there were issues with the features I had previously chosen for the character. First off the dark green tone of his skin was simply too dark for many of the shadowy space scenes I have him in going forward.

So I decided to revise him, and the results are much better than I had hoped. First off I chose a more advanced figure as the base model now, so he is more realistic looking, his face has more character and his body morphs easier to use and adjust. His new skin tone is also green but a bit more olive toned as opposed to his ‘incredible hulk’ like skin before.

So to those of you who are following my story, please accept my apology for the change, but know that it really is for the best.

This is the old Varn:


Same scene with the new Varn:



A different scene to compare.

Old Varn:



New version:



The final scene, final page of chapter 1 without dialog boxes:



Newer version of the same scene:


With more added too:


I will also be re-doing chapter 1 soon, in fact I have already begun the process. It will be released around the same time chapter 3 is out. The new revision of chapter 1 will have less pages but more pictures, it will be a tighter, more streamlined composition with extra’s including expanded scenes where it counts.

So stay tuned brave readers.