New ideas

While I continue to work on Treasure Hunters and begin concept artwork for Babazon Hive Chapter 3 I have some ideas for future works.

First is a new idea for a story about a nude sunbather working on her allover tan on the rooftop of a large building. Here is a concept of this.

A new roof 0001


Next is a workout scene featuring a personal trainer and his new client.

Here is an early concept of this story. This was done with 3delight, the older render engine so it will have to be completely re-done.

GYM 0002

Third is a new fantasy story with several characters. This is a new revision of my old Glug the orc story with an expanded story line and added characters.

Here is a concept of this.

searching the ruins 0001

Long time no updates

Sorry for not posting anything for so long. There have been lots of new developments and issues in the rendering tools I use. I am forced to revise things as I go so things match.

But regardless I will have some new content soon.