I lost my day job

Hello everyone,

I am currently unemployed, the job I had which enabled me to support my art hobby terminated my position at the end of February.

While I look for a new job my comic is my only source of income at this time.

Please help me by buying a copy of Treasure Hunters Deluxe Edition at renderotica, the link is in my previous post but here it is again.


Thank you for your help and support in this difficult time.

I am also working on my next project, which I am not ready to reveal yet. I will say it’s considerably different than anything I’ve tried before, it’s neither sci-fi or fantasy. I have been working very hard on it with all the free time enabled by my unemployment.




Treasure Hunters Deluxe Edition



I would like to introduce Treasure Hunters Deluxe Edition. This is my first for sale release and can be found here:


This version has extended and bonus scenes, and it’s in true HD. The story has been refined and edited.

Please support me by picking up a copy over on Renderotica.