Title Page for Sumigo’s Summer Stories

Hello everyone,

I’m just putting the finishing touches on my short story collection, look for it in the coming weeks.

Here is the tentative title page, the only thing I am still unsure of is the final page count, so what is shown here might change.


EDIT: The comic is out on my renderotica store, and below is the edited version of the title page.




Two big announcements!

First I want to talk about a new release I’m working on called:

Sumigo’s Summer Stories. This will be a short story collection with Summer as the main theme obviously. The remake of ‘The Corridor’ will be one of the stories.

Now for the big one, I have begun work on Babazon Hive Chapter 3 (BHC3).


Here are some early renders from BHC3.


bhc3-0004 orc-cruiser-0001 carrier-group-0002