New projects and BHC3 (Babazon Hive Chapter 3)

First of all it will probably be a few months before Chapter 3 of Babazon Hive will be released. I apologize for the delay.

However I have another major project in the works as well as a happy accident that turned into something fun. I hope you enjoy these new stories, which I have worked hard on.


First is the happy accident, a simple story about a clueless young Queen of a small Kingdom in its final days. This might undergo a major story revision which tones down the Queen’s bitchiness. The working title of this is ‘The Virgin Queen’ and here are the first three pages.

_IMG0001  _IMG0002_IMG0003

Next is a major new story which will be an ongoing adventure story about a group of beautiful young galactic treasure hunters. The working title is ‘Treasure Hunters’


_IMG0001  _IMG0002_IMG0003

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