The Adventures of Princess Ravenmuff and The Humping Dead

I am working on new stories and new ideas, so I am introducing yet again a new story arc that might go unfinished for a while. I am sorry for this folks, but I am cursed to be an individual that constantly has a flow of ideas. So what I try to do is to capture them when one really feels compelling and do some rough renders of the idea to see if it matches what is in my head. Many times this results in abject failure and I scrap it and no one ever sees it. But sometimes its close from the start and I then will put a little more work into it and save it as much as possible as a full template complete with the characters (much of the time they get changed later) and cameras etc.


Here are two recent ideas from the above process that I have decided to move forward with. My creative process is more organic this way by the way, I have tried to force ideas I have and had dismal results. One such is my idea for the holidays, which is a parody of the Grinch. But I have never been able to get it to look the way I want it to, so its on the back burner again.


Anyway here are some renders of both The Adventures of Princess Ravenmuff Part One and The Humping Dead: Zombie Rain

The Humping Dead Early renders are Below.